Why you should go on a Staycation now?

In these trying times, a relaxed state of mind is a difficult one to achieve. You can say you are more than relaxed but (trust me) you have been on edge with everything going on (pandemic, lockdowns and such). Maybe you find some memories on your social media, your camera roll or even dream of some vacation (I know I have) and get a travel itch… This would be where staycation comes in.

Staycation is just spending a night or more at the local hotel/resort. Why on earth would you want to stay at your home-city? Let me convince you why…


1. Staycation is not about visiting places.

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When you go on a vacation, you know you want to visit places (new and old ones). You want to soak in the experience of the destination as much as possible.

But staycation is just the opposite. Staycation is about relaxing, letting yourself go… You want to spend the whole morning being lazy and cozy in bed, sure you can. You want to stay up all night with your partner and talk, you can do that with little worry about tomorrow. You want to spend the evening dipping your toes in the pool with a cocktail in hand, I don’t see anything stopping you from doing that.

Staycation is all about catering to yourself. Its not about the destination. It’s about the way you relax.

2. You don’t need to pack.

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You know the dreadful moment when you know you have to pack for the vacation, but you still had a lot of work to do? Or maybe you need to take care of your children and end up packing messy.

Staycation? Nah, you could just up and get a room at your local hotel/resort. You can skip the packing part entirely! (Maybe still you need to pack a few things if you are a family with a child) But hey, you don’t need to stress out about packing, even if you forget something, you could just go back and grab things real quick.

3. Staycation cost less than Vacations

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Uh? It cost less? Yeah! You can skip the budgets for air/bus tickets, transportation. Instead, you could spend them on other things like treating yourself a nice spa treatment or a body massage. (You know you deserved it eh?) Plus, there are plenty of staycation deals around that you could get one that fits your budget easily.

Perhaps it might just cost the same after all the “treating yourself” (I’m sure I don’t mind treating myself too much) but hey I promise you’ll feel better and refreshed after all that. I promise you won’t feel bummed out like you do with vacations (because you spend too much time visiting places and you got tired!)


4. You don’t need seasons to go on a staycation.

What do you mean you can’t go to the beach because raining and waves are getting bigger? Well staycation doesn’t care if it’s raining or sunny. You can just up and go at any time of the year. No seasons required. It’s raining heavy outside? Well you could just relax at a café in the hotel and watch the rain. Or you could stay in bed watching movies. Remember, staycation is all about relaxing and treating yourself.

5. They are so much flexible!

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Imagine you are on 3-days-long vacation in Bagan, and you still haven’t had enough of it? Nope. You are going back. Tickets are bought already, you only packed for 3 days, you need recuperate at home for a away to get back into work. It’s messy right? But with staycation, things are much simpler. (Simple is the best yeah?)

With staycations, you can just extend your stay as you want. You don’t need to recuperate for a day. Clothes? Well, since you are not going out that much, I’m sure wearing that Mango dress for another day isn’t much of an issue. (It’s not like you need to post your pic on Facebook everyday)

Well, I just gave you 5 reasons why staycation is better than vacation (for now). So when are you going on a staycation spree?


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